10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Marquee For Your Event

Hiring a marquee can turn your event from average to awesome – whether you are throwing a summer wedding or a Christmas party. Forget about the basic gazebos you are used to seeing in garden parties; marquees have come a long way and make for jaw-dropping features that are sure to impress your guests.

If you have been debating with the idea of hiring a marquee for your special occasion, here are just some of the many reasons why you should:

1: Marquees a are a fantastic way of making the most of natural light. If your celebration is taking place during the day and you are looking to create some wonderful photo opportunities, a marquee is a great way to do it!

2:  Unlike every other venue on the planet, you can have your marquee purpose-built for your event and you can even tailor it to suit your specific entertaining needs. However crazy or elaborate your visions may be, you can rely on a marquee to bring them to life!

3: Marquees offer more flexibility with guest numbers and can be made as large or as small as required so perfect for smaller intimate celebrations or a large Asian wedding celebration

4: Unlike other venues, marquees offer a completely blank shell that you can use your creativity to build upon.

5: Want different “rooms” or sections for your special event? Not a problem; marquees can be portioned off using partition walls or different flooring.

6: If you are organising a summer bash, hiring a marquee means you do not have to “sweat” at the thought of your guests sweltering in the heat. Most marquees come with the option of rollable sides that allow the cool breeze to drift in on those stifling summer days and additional air conditioning or heating units can be hired

7: From fields to carparks, Marquees can be set up in almost any location.

8: Marquees give you a free reign to easily put your unique stamp on them, making them a popular choice compared to venues that already have their own style.

9: Windows can be installed at various areas of the marquee to ensure a great outside view is not missed.

10: Marquees look incredible! Whether you are going for stylish and sophisticated or cool and quirky, marquees certainly turn heads!

Laguna catering offer a range of locations where a marquee can be installed with some venues benefitting from a lovely Manor House too which can be used for drinks receptions on guests arrival as well being a stunning backdrop to the marquee.

By now, you are probably visualising all the wonderful ways you could use a marquee to turn your special event into something spectacular. We are here to help you find your ideal venue so get in touch with Laguna Asian Wedding Caterers in London today on 020 8579 9992 or email us on Info@LagunaRestaurant.com. And of course, do not forget to keep checking our blog for regular updates and advice.

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