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The lovely team at Ritzy Roadshow have kindly provided their expert advice on all things on the very cool topic of DJs

How to Choose the Perfect DJ For Your Special Event!

We’re all accustomed to living a fast-paced life however, in this instance patience truly is a virtue for you have one of the greatest advantages… more time! One aspect of event planning is choosing the right entertainment and that can consume a lot of your headspace! So, we have compiled a list of considerations and things to look out for that will hopefully make this decision a little easier for you…

Number One. Talk of the town.

Is the company experienced? How long have they been around? Are they renowned for what they do? Poke around and get a feel for their reputation. You can even talk to your other suppliers and ask them to recommend DJs. If your chosen venue, caterers, or decoration suppliers can vouch for an entertainment company then you’re off to a great start.

Number Two. Research is key!

Study their websites, follow their social media, and watch their videos. Look up their DJs as they’re probably all on social media too! Don’t be afraid to send that message or give them a ring if you have any questions. You will instantly know from these first impressions if they are a company you want to invest your time in.

Number Three. Communication is everything.

Has your supplier responded in a timely manner? Can you meet them? Do they put your needs first and listen? If yes, then great as these are all positive traits to a good company.

Number Four. Is There a Click?

Get to know your point of contact, your host, and your DJ. Tell them your likes and dislikes and build the basic foundations of a professional relationship. The more they know about you and your guests, the better they will be at entertaining you all.

Number Five. It’s not all about you.

Yes, you the bride and groom, or the birthday boy/girl will be the most important person(s) in the room. However, you also need to consider your guests. What will the majority like and dislike? Choose a DJ that knows how to perform for everyone. That’s how a memorable atmosphere is fashioned.

Number Six. Glitz and Glam!

Lots of people get caught up in the aesthetics of a set up however there needs to be some harmony. The DJ needs to tick all of the following boxes: good production, able to host, playing the right song at the right time, and the ability to blend music perfectly. It’s one thing for a DJ to have a song list and play off that, but can the DJ engage with the crowd, read their demographics, and keep that atmosphere pumping.

Number Seven. Is the company up to date?

Look through their portfolio, look at their event versatility. Printing the unconventional such as your bar, dancefloor, dinner tables, food stations, and walkways is such a hot topic right now. Multi-tiered staging, different LED screen shapes and different table styles such as ‘s’ shaped or oval are just some of the many trendy ways to make your event quirky. Is the supplier able to provide these services and more importantly, is their work up to the highest standards?

Number Eight. Change is Good

Finally, of course, due to COVID-19 you’re in a slightly stickier situation. No one knows what’s to come post lockdown. However, one thing for sure is for a while, the guest lists will be a fraction smaller. Take this as a positive thing because that just means more space to play around with! That can lead to endless possibilities such as; installing a larger LED screen or placing a longer stage or even fitting a unique shaped dancefloor. The list goes on. This is where companies like us get to really have fun and let our creativity flow. Suppliers are there to make your visions a reality so use them at your disposal!

Above all, the most important thing is to make your upcoming day ultra-magical. Make it YOUR day and tailor it to YOUR vision!

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