Some special dishes for Valentine’s Day 2020

If you want to make your Valentine’s Day really special, there is nothing more personal and heartfelt than cooking a beautiful meal which you can share together.  Forget Italian or French menus, these are so passé, why not consider Asian cateringHere is a range of dishes designed to get your taste buds tingling and win you some brownie points in the romantic stakes.

Finger food is probably the best and easiest option which you can graze over whilst sipping chilled champagne.  Easy to prepare ahead of your guest’s arrival, why not opt for shallow baked or fried fritters with a selection of tangy dips – tender coconut, tamarind sauce or fresh mint and coriander.  For the more ambitious chefs, try the Kerala Prawn roast served spiked on a skewer, a real eye-catching table centre or curried dumplings, a blend of Indian, Chinese and Nepali cuisines

The trick with the main is to cook a lighter dish as you will be serving three courses and it’s a shame if there is no room for dessert.  For lighter meals choose either seafood or chicken and if you are not sure about your partner’s tastes, then always opt for chicken.  Or you could go vegetarian or vegan.

Asian catering is famed for its sweet and luxurious desserts, why not try a modern take on Indian desserts which use chocolate, a sure-fire winner.  Opt for kulfi, a frozen dairy dessert or Kheer, a cooked rice-based pudding.

Presentation is the key to success
Remember, it’s not just what you cook but how you serve and present it.  Choose elegant glassware and beautiful china, scatter rose petals on the table and don’t forget the candles.  If all this sounds just a little too ambitious for your culinary expertise then why not hire Indian food caterers in LondonLaguna offers Asian catering for events and parties including intimate dining experiences. 

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