The Do’s and Don’ts of Party Planning

Planning a party is no easy venture. There are caterers to hire, seating charts to map, and most importantly, guests to please. If you are planning a party, do not stress out – just follow our simple Do’s and Don’ts and you will soon be in the swing of things.




Do Stick to your Budget

You probably have a set amount of money that you have allowed yourself to spend on your party.  While it may be tempting to spend a few extra pennies here and there, all those pennies soon add up to pounds. It’s important to stay within your budget by allocating cash for essentials such as venue rental, catering, and sound equipment. Setting a solid budget will ensure that you do not end up overspending in one area and neglecting another.


Do Stay on Schedule

Creating a schedule is crucial early in the party planning process. As soon as you have the idea to throw a party, start mapping out a plan that outlines what you wish to accomplish. Of course, you should always leave a bit of leeway just in case things do not go as planned.


Do Create a Support Team

Planning a big party can be time consuming, so it is a good idea to ask trusted family or friends to help. However, it is always advisable to hire experts for each element of the party who will be able to guide you through each step of the way with their extensive experience.





Don’t Take on Too Much

Trying to do everything yourself is likely to lead to unnecessary stress and pressure. You should also bear in mind that even when you put blood, sweat and tears into planning your party, you may still not be able to please everyone!


Don’t Rush Things

While it’s super important to stay on schedule, you should also be careful not to rush important decisions such as choosing a catering company or a venue. Instead of jumping at the first available option, take your time, do your homework and research local choices in order to find the best service for the best price.


Don’t Dismiss the Paperwork

It may not be the most exciting part of party planning but staying on top of your paperwork is really important. You should make copies of any contracts with your suppliers and request confirmations from every service that you hire. It is also a good idea to save receipts for budgeting purposes.



When planning a party, these important do’s and don’ts can help your event be a success. Familiarising yourself with these simple planning tips can help bring your ideas of the perfect party to life.


We hope you are all able to start safely enjoy parties again soon. We will be back soon with more help and advice so keep checking back to our blog.

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