Why Having a Weekday Wedding Can Be the Best Decision You’ll Make

Wedding Saturdays within the month of July… It sounds idyllic, but did you know that more and more couples are choosing to get married on a weekday? Yep, there is a growing trend for Brides and Grooms-to-be to ditch weekend weddings in favour of a getting hitched during Monday to Friday. And there are plenty of reasons why…


1: You Can Get Married Sooner

Some of the most popular wedding venues fill their weekend dates as much as years in advance. But why should you have to wait for the happiest day of your life?

If you book your wedding on a weekday, the odds are you won’t need to wait as long to exchange vows with your loved one.  You’ll be able to turn your dream wedding into a reality much quicker and you won’t have to worry about clashing wedding dates with any of your engaged friends!  The more flexible you are willing to be on your wedding date, the more options you’ll have available to you.

2: You Can Pick the Best Suppliers

If venues are booked up on weekend dates, suppliers will be booked up too. Suppliers are a crucial part of your Big Day and it’s far easier to bag the perfect line-up of photographers, florists and caterers for a weekday wedding.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on what you want for your wedding day, so why not book a weekday wedding when your dream suppliers are more readily available.

3: Everyone Will Still Make It

If you are worried that your loved ones won’t be able to make a weekday wedding, rest assured that this is unlikely to be the case. The most important people in your life will do everything they can to be there on your Big Day.

Before you get a date in your diary, think about your guests and try to work date options around their lifestyles (such as booking your wedding during the school holidays if some of your guests are teachers). If your guests have plenty of notice, a weekday wedding won’t stop them sharing the most important day of your life.

4: Your Guests will Get Discounts

A weekday wedding means your guests are likely to get discounts on things such as travel and accommodation. What this means for you?  Happier guests with more money to spend on your wedding list!

5: The Celebrations Can Last for Days

This is the happiest time of your life, so why not make the celebrations last as long as they can? A huge benefit of having a weekday wedding is being able to extend the party over the course of a few days.

Some couples throw a pre-wedding party the night before or organise a lunch for their families at the weekend. Some even take the traditional route and jet off into their honeymoon sunset on their wedding night. This is often a good idea as you’ll end up saving a wad of money on flights and accommodation by travelling midweek, leaving you with more cash to spend on enjoying yourselves.

Convinced to book a weekday weekend? Whatever date you choose, we wish you a very happy Wedding Day.

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