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Shuruaat - Appetizers

Chandni Chowk Wali Alu Tikki Chaat ⓋⒶ 6.5
Round patties of spiced mashed potatoes, topped with yoghurt, chickpeas & tamarind sauce

Chatpatti Chilli Gobhi / Paneer ⓋⒶ 6.5
Choice of cauliflower florets or cheese cooked with a spicy Indo-Oriental tang

Avocado Ke Gole ⓋⒶ 6.5
Fresh avocado cooked to a crisp ball prepared with curry leaves & tamarind chutney

Pyaz Ke Bhajia ⓋⒶ  5.5
Crispy onion straw fritters

Samosa ⓋⒶ  5.5
All time favourite savoury, filled with seasoned potatoes & peas wrapped in a light pastry

Haryali Bhare Kebab ⓋⒶ 5.5
Round patties of spiced potatoes, spinach & peas

Sikandri Paneer Shashlik ⓋⒶ 6.5
Marinated chunks of cheese grilled in a tandoor with green peppers & onions

Delhi Wali Alu Papri Chaat ⓋⒶ 6.5
Potatoes & chickpeas blended with yoghurt & a tamarind dressing served with crackers

Bombay Bhel Puri ⓋⒶ 5.5
Wheat flour crisps topped with chopped onions, coriander & gram flour straws
mixed with mint & tamarind sauce

Tandoor Ke Phool ⓋⒶ 6.5
Grilled florets of pickled cauliflower & broccoli marinated in cheese

Kali Mirch Calamari   7.5
Squid sautéed with garlic, curry leaves & pepper

Amritsari Machhi Pakora  7.5
Tilapia fish fried in a spiced gram flour batter

Jhinga Puri 8.5
Prawns cooked with spices & herbs, served on deep fried bread