11 Unique Asian ways to Celebrate Wedding

Laguna restaurant has a reputation as one of the finest Indian wedding caterers in London producing quality Asian cuisine at wedding venues throughout London and beyond.  We know what makes an Asian wedding a truly unique and memorable experience and share with you some of the key ingredients we use to create a truly special Asian wedding day.  Not every Asian weddings are the same but here are just some of the things you might expect on the big day:-

  • Asian weddings can extend for up to three days with a range of different ceremonies. Your invitation will explain to you which one you are invited to.
  • Misri takes place a few days before the actual wedding – the couple exchange prayers, flower garlands and gold rings and the groom’s parents present the bride with a basket of gifts.
  • The Mehendi ceremony takes place one day before the wedding and this occasion is for women only. Here they paint intricate patterns in Henna on their hands and feet.
  • All the guests dress in bright and vibrant colours.
  • The mother of the bride will usually give gifts to the groom as he arrives for the ceremony, traditionally sweets are also offered for goodwill.
  • The men in the party will exchange flower garlands.
  • The actual wedding day can last up to fourteen hours
  • The wedding ceremony will last for one to two hours.
  • There will be lots of theatrical and Bollywood style dancing.
  • Money is a traditional gift at an Asian wedding to help the couple build a secure future together so usually there are lesser boxed presents.
  • The bride throws handful of rice over herself as she leaves the wedding ceremony.

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