The best ways to celebrate English Wine Week

Due to Coronavirus, English Wine Week has been rescheduled to June 20th to June 28th this year so don’t worry, you haven’t missed out.  Laguna Restaurant is supporting English Wine Week.  As one of the finest Indian restaurants and event caterers in London, we are delighted to be able to help promote English wines.  We have a selection of carefully chosen wines from a range of vineyards across the UK to showcase our fine Asian cuisine and compliment your dining experience.

What is English Wine Week?

English Wine Week is an annual event designed to encourage people to try English wines, tastes they perhaps would not otherwise be aware of or consider ordering when they go out for a meal.

Laguna restaurant would like to inspire you to get to know English home-grown wines.  Support the English wine market, local businesses and vineyards in your part of the country and further afield and try their wines.  We have selected a range of different award-winning English wines to complement our signature dishes from English vineyards around the UK.  If you discover the taste for a new wine, you can promote the vineyard;  many open their doors during English Wine Week offering guided tours to show you how the wine is made.  If you want to know where your food comes from then why should wine be any different?

Some interesting facts about English wines

There are currently around 700 vineyards in the UK and over 160 wineries producing world-class sparkling white, rosé and red wines many of which have won international awards.

English Wine Week is a chance to try something different and support local English businesses.  Alongside the finest Asian cuisine in London, Laguna is offering the chance to sample English wines at your event or party.  Laguna is one of the best Indian restaurants and event caterers in London. Check out our website