6 Indian food trends in London that define the Indian culture

Indian food is an extremely broad-ranging cuisine and can vary substantially making use of local herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables. Laguna is one of the finest Indian restaurants in London with a range of Asian food to suit all tastes available through our luxury restaurant or via outside event catering. Enjoy traditional and trending dishes from the best Indian food caterers in London to perfectly complement your special occasion or party.

Here are 6 Indian food trends which define Indian culture and no occasion would be complete without trying at least one of these Indian food dishes.

  • Tandoori – meat is marinated in yoghurt and spices and then lowered into the oven on metal skewers and cooked in a fiery hot and smoky environment
  • Dosa – a thin crispy crepe or pancake with a slightly tangy taste, savoury rather than sweet. Without filling, it is called plain dosa and can be eaten with a variety of vegetable curries. Dosa is a signature dish of south India where it is commonly eaten for breakfast
  • Biryani – long-grained rice like Basmati is flavoured with fragrant spices like saffron and layered with lamb, chicken, fish or vegetables and then a thick gravy. The dish is then covered and cooked over a low flame. Depending on where the dish originates from determines which type of meat is used.
  • Chaat – chaat describes an entire category of Indian street food and is hugely popular in London at the moment as the concept of Indian outdoor snack food sweeps through the capital. Chaat has many different things with bold flavours and textures, it is quick to make and easy to eat Indian snack on the go
  • Daal Makhni – made from lentils and kidney beans, it is originated from the State of Punjab.
  • Samosas – a fried or baked pastry with different fillings and made in different shapes such as cone, triangular or half-moon depending on the region

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