Four ways restaurants are personalising their dining experience

Dining out has never been more competitive particularly if you are in London where there is so much choice. Restaurants are changing their offering to stay ahead of the curve in 2020 and to reflect the changing tastes of their diners, literally. Laguna restaurant is a leader amongst Indian restaurants in London making Indian catering a trending cuisine when it comes to tailoring and personalising their guests’ dining experience. Here is how Asian cuisine is setting the trend:-

  1. Guest intelligence – Picking up on little cues when a booking is made so that the dining experience can be made more personal. If a guest mentions that they want a special table for a significant birthday celebration, it’s all about finding out more and then arrange a complimentary cake or bottle of champagne to be waiting for them upon arrival.Guest intelligence also includes keeping a record of favourite dishes or drinks that guests have enjoyed before.
  2. Customisation and exclusivity – Offering custom menus for diners whether in house or at a venue of their choice, providing some element that is exclusive for those diners, people love to be treated as special VIP guests.
  3. Personal address – If appropriate, meeting and greeting using first names, it adds a touch of personal recognition particularly to guests that you have entertained before. It is a question of being a little chameleon and reading body language as some guests find this intrusive and prefer something more crisp and professional. Show interest if appropriate in personal details, it is an opportunity to perhaps tactfully and subtly promote your business.
  4. Attentive service – Assist guests with limited mobility, take umbrellas to guests’ cars if the weather is bad.

Laguna are leaders amongst Indian caterers in both the quality of the cuisine and the uniqueness of the personal dining experience they can offer. Dine in house or choose your personal venue and enjoy the finest of Asian catering. Learn more on our website