Top Healthy Food Items Incorporate into Your cooking During Lockdown

Top 10 healthy food items to try during the Lockdown

Health has become a real focus during the Coronavirus pandemic as the correlation between good body weight and a healthy lifestyle becomes key to fight off Covid-19. More people than ever are taking exercise, losing weight, quitting smoking and eating a healthier diet and the government is encouraging this with advertising campaigns in the media. Healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring or bland dishes. […]

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6 Indian food trends in London that define the Indian culture

6 Indian food trends in london that define the Indian culture image

Indian food is an extremely broad-ranging cuisine and can vary substantially making use of local herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables. Laguna is one of the finest Indian restaurants in London with a range of Asian food to suit all tastes available through our luxury restaurant or via outside event catering. […]

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