The Do’s and Don’ts of Party Planning

Party Planning

Planning a party is no easy venture. There are caterers to hire, seating charts to map, and most importantly, guests to please. […]

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Why Hire a Catering Company For Your Corporate Event?

Asian Corporate Catering

Good quality catering at meetings and corporate events can give your clients more than just a hearty appetite – it will make them hungry to get to know more about your business too! […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Day Wine

Wedding Wine

Everyone likes a glass of fizz (or ten!) at a wedding, but when it comes to selecting your wine, how do you know where to start? How much do you need? What kind of wine will your guests prefer? […]

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Top Healthy Food Items Incorporate into Your cooking During Lockdown

Top 10 healthy food items to try during the Lockdown

Health has become a real focus during the Coronavirus pandemic as the correlation between good body weight and a healthy lifestyle becomes key to fight off Covid-19. More people than ever are taking exercise, losing weight, quitting smoking and eating a healthier diet and the government is encouraging this with advertising campaigns in the media. Healthy food doesn’t have to mean boring or bland dishes. […]

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6 Indian food trends in London that define the Indian culture

6 Indian food trends in london that define the Indian culture image

Indian food is an extremely broad-ranging cuisine and can vary substantially making use of local herbs and spices, fruits and vegetables. Laguna is one of the finest Indian restaurants in London with a range of Asian food to suit all tastes available through our luxury restaurant or via outside event catering. […]

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Why choose Laguna for Indian catering services

Indian catering services in london

Laguna restaurant has spent years perfecting the art of external event catering working with some of the finest venues in London to bring quality catering to corporate events, parties and special occasions. […]

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What NOT to Do When You Get Engaged

They liked it, so they put a ring on it! Congratulations, you’re engaged; and you’ve just been whisked into one of the most exciting and loved-up times of your life. […]

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Some special dishes for Valentine’s Day 2020

Some special dishes for Valentine’s Day 2020 Laguna 1

If you want to make your Valentine’s Day really special, there is nothing more personal and heartfelt than cooking a beautiful meal which you can share together.  Forget Italian or French menus, these are so passé, why not consider Asian catering?  Here is a range of dishes designed to get your taste buds tingling and […]

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